Vision & Mission

Parenting a child has many challenges in today’s world of competition which calls for a high caliber with finer talents. To help the parents in this earnest attempt, the Management of CENTRAL ACADEMY has always believed that it is very important to lay a strong base and foundation in a child’s formative years so that his/her career and future is secured. Our school promotes academic excellence among the students, thus bringing them at par with the best schools in the country. Central Academy believed that the freedom of spirit and zeal for discovery are as important as the need for discipline and sense of duty. aim to develop both the mind and the body of a child and strongly emphasize upon the need for an all-round development of the student’s personality. Constructing an environment entrenched in spirit of patriotism, we aspire to create well rounded individuals capable of critical and creative thinking. Empowering student to become compassionate, Responsible and independent citizens, who have the potential to be a transformative force in the global community.

Our Aim

Central Academy continue to provide a high quality Teaching, Learning & Professional Development to the child that develops your child's full potential. We teach a broad, balanced and creative curriculum relevant to our modern society that give meaning & enjoyment to the student's learning experience. We value your clild as an unique person and we even work with parents to ensure the best possible benefits to the students. School give each individual the opportunity to achieve the maximum of his/her ability by providing a variety of extra-curricular activities. We prepare the students to cope with the ever-growing challenges of the changing world. To promote amongst the student a deeps sense of responsibility.


With the inspiration from the great educationist late Dr. Sarapalli Radha Krishnan, the Scholar's Education Trust of India constituted the Central Academy Educational Society, which made a long term programme to establish CENTRAL ACADEMY institutions at various places all over the country. All these schools are afliated to C.B.S.E Board. The chain of Central Academy Schools throughout the country has a common curriculum, examination pattern and uniform. With the publication of the Kothari Commission's report on education, the urgent need for schools with a common syllabus throughout the country was felt. Although the Govt. of India and many states took steps in order to honour the spirit of Kothari Commission, till the late sixties only a few hundreds schools could be established. The rapidly burgeoning demand for such schools made the Children's Education Trust Of India, founded in 1966, realise its duty towards the need of our society. With the inspiration from the great educationalist late Dr. Sarvapalli Radha Krishnan, the Children's Education Trust of India constituted the Central Academy Educational Society, which made a long term programme to establish such institutions at various places all over the country.

Chairman's Desk

As Chairman and founding Member of Central Academy Educational Soceity, I am delighted to welcome you to the web site of this dynamic institution. Central Academy is a truly exciting and innovative institution with a challenging Vision. To be recognised as a leading institution in flexible and life-long learning, with a strong focus on the pursuit of knowledge, the needs of students, it's Staff members and high level of education with 'internationalisation' in teaching. We have always placed a great emphasis on the quality of teaching and learning along with the use of highly innovative teaching and delivery methods. While academic progress is clearly the main purpose of the school, we also encourage all our pupils to develop a wide range of additional interests, so that we provide a very rounded and complete education. Most importantly, this takes place in a friendly and caring environment, and the small sizes of our classes and activity groups mean that every student's aptitudes are readily identified and developed. We want your son or daughter to leave Central Academy not only with the best possible academic qualifications and with the key skills essential for success in Higher Education and the world of work, but also with the personal qualities and interests necessary for a happy, fulfilling life and responsible citizenship. We try and do every thing possible for the well being of our Students, Staff and Our Community by providing the best education possible, by the best means, in the best environment...